Are You Restricting Your Sales Without Realizing It?

Independent studies have shown that businesses that play music which is programmed specifically for business use will realize as much as 38.2% greater sales over the same environments where no music is played.  In other words, if you are serious about doing business, you need to be using our music in every one of your facilities.  Our music also improves employee productivity.  


Business Music

Create The Best Experience For Your Customers

Make Your Customers Feel Invited

Encourage Your Customers To Return Often

Insure That Your Music Is Licensed And Legal

As an independent dealer for nearly all major commercial music firms, we offer more platforms of delivery than virtually any other company in the Business Music Industry.  This means that we have the technical solutions you need.  We can provide music to your business via Direct Broadcast by Satellite (DBS), by CD ROM or by the Internet.  Please note that with all of the various devices we use which are designed to connect to your internet, none of our players stream content.  In every instance, the internet connection is used merely to periodically update the onboard music library included with each of our music devices.  This means that even when your internet service is disrupted, our music service will continue to enhance your business environment.  

Select your music by genre, by pre-prepared playlists or by artist or even by individual song.  You have the control.  Let your employees decide what music should be played in your business or better yet, keep total control over your music yourself.  The decision is entirely yours.  Our advanced technologies give you complete control over the music that is played in your business while insuring that monotony does not set in from frequently repeated songs or frequently repeated artists.  And have no worries.  Unlike most other sources, we pay all applicable ASCAP, BMI and SESAC Performing Rights Fees to keep you from being fined by these royalty collecting groups for playing unlicensed music.  

Delivery Methods

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